Deva Moses

Owner & visionary of Goose Creek Boutique. Deva moved to Sevierville with her husband, Jerry in 2008. After 8years of praying for a child, God blessed them in 2011, Deva quit her job to be a stay at home mom of their first daughter, Eden. Deva's brilliance would not allow her to do just one thing, instead it encouraged her to create an entire company from scratch called Bear Tootin Rustic Vacations. Bear Tootin was founded in 2011 and is still operating to this day. The idea for Goose Creek Boutique was initiated by Jerry and created by Deva. Their love & devotion for Christ and each other is truly inspirational. Deva, the mother of two girls, is a successful entrepreneur and business owner of two companies. Deva enjoys chaperoning her daughters Christian Club (Butterfly Believers), all day shopping trips with her friends, and exploring new adventures with her family.

Jerry Moses

Owner and Founder of Goose Creek Boutique. Jerry moved to Sevierville from the small town of Cynthiana, KY in 2008. Jerry & his wife, Deva came to the area for bigger opportunities in this growing community where they now raise their two daughters, Eden & Tabitha. Jerry is a devoted Christian, beloved husband, and a wonderful father. Jerry enjoys homeschooling his girls, scenic drives in his mustang, and reading the bible.

Karlee Berry

Owner & CEO of Goose Creek Boutique. Karlee (Niece of Jerry & Deva) was born & raised in the small town of Cynthiana, KY. After graduating High School in 2014, Karlee moved to Sevierville with her husband, Caleb and daughter, Haydn to work for the family business, Bear Tootin Rustic Vacations. After a lot of hard work and dedication, Karlee earned 1/3 ownership of both Bear Tootin and Goose Creek in 2021. Karlee enjoys being outdoors, riding RZRS, camping and spending time with family and friends.

Donna Duckworth

Operations Manager of Goose Creek Boutique. Donna (Sister of Jerry\Mother of Karlee) grew up in Cynthiana, Ky where she raised her two daughters, Lyndsey & Karlee. After working in factories most of her life, she took a leap of faith and moved to Sevierville in 2013 to work for the family business, Bear Tootin Rustic Vacations. After many years of experience with Bear Tootin, we knew she was the perfect person to run the shop for Goose Creek Boutique, where she started in 2019. Donna’s kind heart, amazing work ethic and dedication to the business has been a true asset to the company. Donna enjoys crafting, spending time with her dogs, and spoiling her two precious grandkids, Haydn & Coleman and nieces, Eden & Tabby.

Amy Williams

Graphic Designer of Goose Creek Boutique. Amy moved to the area in 2012 from Brooksville, FL. Amy started out as one of Goose Creek Boutique’s first customers in 2018 when we printed her family racing shirts. Amy graduated college in FL with a degree in graphic design and minor degree in photography which explained her awesome racing graphics she would send us. After building a relationship with Amy over several months we admired her talents and knew we had to make her part of the team. Amy started as our graphic designer in 2019 and is now considered part of the family. Amy is a beloved wife to Bryan Williams, and the mother of two beautiful children, Ryalynn and Andrew. Amy enjoys her animals, dirt track racing, and lake days with her family.

Debbie Barnes

Managers Assistant of Goose Creek Boutique. Debbie grew up in Lady Lakes, FL moving to Tennessee in 2009 where she now called Wears Valley home. Debbie started as a close friend and neighbour (to Deva & Jerry) who came in to help out from time to time. After seeing the strong work ethic and the ability to tackle any kind of job thrown at her, we knew she belonged in the Goose Creek Family. In 2020, we made Debbie a member of our team and she has been a true blessing. Not only is she a great employee, but she has great taste and is in charge of keeping our iconic truck decorated for those perfect photos. Debbie is the faithful wife of Roy Barnes, a wonderful mother, and a spoiling grandma. Debbie enjoys landscaping, travelling around the world, and visiting her friends and family.